Baby Starter Kit

20 KD 37 KD
The Newborn Essentials contains 6 products:
Cleansing wash gel 200ml
Milky Bath Oil 100ml
Diaper Cream 75ml
Nurturing Cream 75ml
Soothing Baby Oil 100ml
Softening Body Lotion 100ml
  • The perfect maternity gift
  • All the natural basics you need for the first few months
  • 6 essential products for a good start

Looking for the basics in the field of baby care? The perfect maternity gift? Ta-dah! Newborn Essentials are here! Baby skin is supposed to be treated with tender love and care, which is why these essentials are perfectly suited for the job. No nonsense or harmful ingredients can touch pure baby skin, only that which makes your baby happy. And you, as well. Bathing your new born has never been this fun!


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